Tuesday, November 08, 2005


All that hard work was worth it!!! After obsessing about the exam all day yesterday and most of today, soa posted the exam with the answers so now I know I did well and can be happy and not worry about it a moment longer!

Eeee *happiness*

One question did make me mad though. The wording was misleading so I went with the wrong answer. But in the end I don't care cause I unofficially passed! I was amused that one answer was that there wasn't enough information to calculate what was asked. I was paranoid this was wrong, cause it seemed like such an unlikely answer, but it was correct.

After the exam I went for pad thai with Liz. It was soo yummy. It was nice going out afterwards. I think we helped calm each other down hehe.

So now i've accomplished my goal of having 4 exams when I graduate. Next task: find a full-time job!

Went to Pickle Barrel tonight with the guys. I had alot of fun, and I had a yummy After Eight Martini and yummy salad. more *happiness*

To top the day off... new gg!! I can't wait!

YES!!!! I DID IT!!!! So Happy!!!! =)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Exam C Tomorrow!!