Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick Poll

What did Jen do this weekend?

a) Found a new roommate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b) Rented a car for the first time and did not buy insurance.
c) Went to Liz's wedding and had an amazing time drinking, eating, and dancing.
d) Won the beautiful lily flower centre piece and brought some of the flowers to work.
e) All of the above and more.
On "The Source", Sun Life's intranet, the welcome page always has a quiz that's actually a learning ploy. I fall for it every time.
a) Congrats Holly on your new job!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited for you, and very excited to be getting such an amazing person/friend as my roommate. I can't wait to make the apartment feel like ours... and stealing more of your cooking ideas =)
b) Driving went very smoothly. Okay, I had some parking/backing out issues, but that doesn't really count. Oh, and problems finding the hertz parking lot. Just because I drove out of the parking lot, doesn't mean I had a clue where I was at the time. Thanks for answering your phone and helping me out Matt. I did discover they had a map of where it was on the hertz door but I found that later, when I went to drop off my keys... only to discover the express box was in the parking lot. Arghhhh.
c) The wedding went perfectly. Liz looked gorgeous and so incredibly happy. I knew hardly anyone there but enough that it was lots of fun.
d) My flowers are a little crushed from all the travelling but they still make me smile.
e) I can't write about all my stories from this weekend. I am supposed to be working you know.