Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enjoying normal

My brain is at peace. It may not be working at full power yet, but it's just so happy to be resting that I expect a full recovery.

The last 4 months have been incredibly draining. Over 2000 pages of material to know in detail with 95% of the information being completely new. I learned a lot, but there is also a lot I could have known better. I understand now why hot shot lawyers are known/stereotyped to be big on coke. The brain just isn't meant to be worked so hard. There is no 'runner's high' for thinking. Bummer.

After my exam I spent the weekend recuperating. I slept a lot, watched a lot of tv/movies, and cleaned. It was relaxation time well over due.

Since then I've been enjoying doing normal things I just didn't have time for. It was very strange the first time leaving work without having to study. I got over that feeling quite quickly though.

Holly and I went to the opera on Wednesday. We went and saw Debussy's only opera and it was a great experience. I wasn't sure if I even liked opera but loved Debussy and had to go. The music was beautiful but very sad and slow.

This weekend was a long awaited market and cooking weekend. Jeremy and I decided it would be fun to make gnocchi so we bought stuff to make pasta sauce and backup gnocchi for just in case. I knew gnocchi is difficult to make but I found a good recipe with clear instructions so I figured it couldn't be too bad. It may not turn out great but I'd be happy with decent.

Oh. wow. I don't know this for sure (okay, yes, I do), but I'm pretty sure gnocchi isn't supposed to be lumpy. gross. Ignoring the lumps, the taste wasn't quite right either. It seems strange considering it's made of potato and flour, but it tasted too much like potato. Thankfully we had the backup gnocchi to salvage the meal.

The rest of the weekend was mostly lazying around due to the weather, but we did have two great brunches. One at Le Select, the other thin homemade pancakes with nutella and bananas.

To finish off the great long weekend, I baked cookies and watched the finale of House.