Friday, August 15, 2008

My 26th birthday

I'm not sure why, but this year I wasn't too excited or anxiously waiting my birthday like normal. When I realized it was approaching and I hadn't begun to think about planning anything, I tried to think of something but I couldn't think of anything I really felt like doing. A low-key birthday sounded just fine to me. I have to say, I ended up having a wonderful birthday.

It started the day before my birthday when my co-workers took me out to cora's to celebrate. It was amusing like normal, except odd things kept happening. Like everyone randomly picking up their knives. So I picked up my spoon. Knifey-spoony. When the food arrived, Wendy asked for scissors, and because that's just a normal thing to ask at lunch the waitress brought her a Caeser drink. Later Alan took his glasses off. We never see him without his glasses so this is strange to us. Me and Jer end up staring at him strangely, some may say in disgust, but I think that's a little too far. Thankfully he put back his glasses on and he went back to looking like Alan. A bit later I see a sparkler and groan. I thought I had talked them out of singing happy birthday to me! ack. But it didn't stop there. On came a sash, a tiara, and then a wand. But at least the odd things now made sense. The knives all came out because wendy took hers to try to take off the tags off the tiara/wand, and asked for scissors when that didn't work. And Alan took off his glasses because they said it was the birthday of the one with glasses. To top off the outing, I had to put back on the tiara/wand/sash (because I refused to wear it walking back to work) when we got to the dog statues outside of metro hall so we could take pictures sitting on the doggies. Clearly Wendy's idea if you've seen any of the other stuff she's had us do.

For *wing* night I choose Terroni's because I was craving their rigatoni with cherry tomatoes and zucchini. So amazing. I've had it a few times now and I still have no urge to order anything else from the menu. It's just too good. Afterwards I went home and Holly was making me birthday cupcakes! I asked for confetti cupcakes and they looked amazing. I was full from all the food that day so they'd have to wait for dessert on my birthday.

So now the big day!!

Before work I got to see Holly and she gave me my birthday present. The whole gift was extremely amusing. To start it off was something that looked like a Hershey's chocolate bar, but it said calculator. With more inspection, it's an actual calculator, that looks like chocolate,
and even smells like chocolate! No, you may not eat my Chocolator. It's for simple math only! Next, I got magnets which will make a great addition to our fridge, but you have to come see that for the full experience. And finally books, because I think a gift from Holly and no books would be incomplete. A great way to start the day off; Laughter with one of my oldest friends.

In the morning at work my boss dropped by my desk and gave me a package and said it was in the mail. Cool. So I open it, to find a pair of fun unmatching socks!! People asked where the other pair was... unknown. It also had a mint aero, skittles, dark dove chocolate, and a letter. Best interoffice mail ever. So I open the letter and confirm it was from Jer, and read that these were not my official birthday socks, and that the other pair of socks have been mailed to Alan and I will have to ask him nicely if I want them. I thought that was hilarious and also curious if it was true. I then look at Alan's desk who's away at a meeting and I see a package. He did send the other pair to Alan!! Later I was helping a coworker when Alan came back to his desk, where he proceded to open the package, see a pair of mismatched socks and had the most confused look on his face, for at least a full minute, while everyone just laughed. Too funny.

For lunch I met up with my dad and we went for chinese. Crispy beef and broccoli. So delicious. It's been a while since we've ate there so it was a great birthday lunch.

Later in the day JWAM! gave me a gift - A Nascar Nextel mug and coaster, socks, and of course candy and chocolate. So sweet of them. Another coworker randomly came by, said happy birthday, then came back like 10 minutes later and dropped off a pile of chocolate saying "I know you like dark chocolate, happy birthday". I guess people at work knowing your birth date isn't so bad after all!

After work I went to Jeremy's because he's barbecuing for me. What's the perfect bbqd food (in my opinion)? Filet mignon of course. We also grilled some zucchini on there, and made mashed potatoes as well. The steak was tender and flavourful and so delicious. The veggies completed the meal and it was perfect. For dessert, the aforementioned (I love that word, I don't know why, or when my love for this word came to be. I somehow think Jeremy may be part of the reason) cupcakes and oh wow, fluffy icing and sweet cake is awesome.

Other points of fun:
  • The official birthday socks came from the san diego zoo and are absolutely adorable!
  • My sash said Miss Arms 2008 and had stars on it.
  • Don't tell people you don't like hugs (while sober). You get a lot of them.
  • I had a cupcake for breakfast this morning.
  • Jen happy.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

This & That Part 2

You know when you get a taste for something and just can't get enough and want it eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner? The other day I had Alapha-bit cereal for breakfast, and all day I was craving the alphabet so for supper I had Alphagetti.

Yesterday I got a free piece of Stride gum on my walk to work. It's supposed to last a really long time. My way of testing this is for Jeremy to eat a piece of Excel, while I eat my Stride gum. When we're sick of chewing gum we switch to see who's has more flavour left. Conclusion of experiment: they both still had flavour so it didn't really matter which lasted longer. Maybe people who like to chew for a very long time should try this sometime.

The other day I was looking at Concierge Connection to see what events were coming up. Then I saw Monster Jam. I'm not sure why, but I got this giddy 'omg I totally want to go' reaction. But wait, does that make sense? It's Monster Jam. Trucks running over other cars, doing tricks. That's weird, right? Matt said it was Strange and confirmed my suspicion. I left it for a couple days, and then while walking to the theatre with Jer last night I randomly asked him how he feels about Monster Jam. He said he's always wanted to go and got super excited to hear they were coming in January. Looks like I'm going to Monster Jam!

Speaking of theatre, we went to see Avenue Q last night. Matt and Martha both had seen it in NY and highly recommended it. People compared it to sesame street, except bad ass. I never watched it as a kid, so I didn't have much commitment to going while it was here in Toronto. At work Martha mentioned a sale through Travel Zoo for the first week of the show. I was very willing to sit in crappy seats for cheaper. By crappy, I mean practically the worst in the place. It was at Elgin theatre which I had never been to before, and was surprised that the seats were very decent, and the seats were comfy. I just realized now my ass didn't hurt once which is a thing of beauty. I can't remember the last time that's happened at a theatre. Anyway, back to my point of which I wholeheartedly agree that Avenue Q rocks. I loved it and definitely think it's worth full-price tickets.

The other tickets I've bought recently are for the So You Think You Can Dance tour, wheee!!!

Not too much else is new, other than a bunch of cooking. Last weekend Jer and I went to St. Lawerence market for fruit and stuff to make beef and broccoli stir fry. I love beef and broccoli from chinese restaurants so it was fun to make it at home. It turned out great, despite the fact it uses oyster sauce which kinda creeps me out. And now we know how to cut beef to make those thin squares. Then on Sunday we made crepes for the cityplace crew which was yummy and fun. This weekend we're going to Jer's quasi-family cottage and we're going to make crepes for them since it was fun the first time. Although there will be quite a few more people so it shall be interesting.