Thursday, November 15, 2007

Completely random

Would you like the last peanut M&M?
a) Mmm peanut M&M, yes!!
b) What colour is it?
c) Nah, I just had two chocolate bars for lunch.
d) I just had two chocolate bars for lunch... but sure!
Sometimes when life gives you a free M&M cookie... you get three free M&M cookies.
When I was at sleep country I tested out the 5 'S' brand of beds.  The only one I instantly disliked was the Simmons.  What have I been sleeping on for the past 3 ish years?  Simmons.
I found it oddly disturbing that I find it fascinating to look through all the dirt and gunk that my new wonderful purple Dyson picks up.  I hope the novelty of that wears off.  Dirt is gross.
I have been highly amused with Sun Life's advertising campaign "Life's brighter under the sun".  I was volunteered to help organize the Corporate Holiday Contest which is to make our own version of a new set of commercials, so the amusement continues.  I can't tell you about our creative commercial just yet. It's very hush hush, confidential, top secret stuff right now.  Maybe after the contest I will write about it.  Or just tell you to assume it was entertaining and awesome.
What's the point of an "extra" stat holiday if it means my company just takes away one of my floater days.  Not only will it eliminate the choice of when I take my extra vacation day, but I will also be pressured to spend it with my family!!!  *grumble*
2 + 2 = chair.
The end.