Saturday, November 25, 2006

Waking up in a cloud

I had to try really hard to be able to see anything outside my window this morning.  It amused me. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Customer Care

I just got to talk to the best phone help person ever.  I'll start at the beginning though.

I got a call saying I had a cable installation appointment tomorrow morning.  What???!!!  This is news to me.  So I call, and have to go through the lame voice menus.  Since I was at work I felt especially stupid.  Thankfully it worked well and I didn't have to repeat myself.  I got to the end and the recorded voice said there was no scheduled appointment and asked if I wanted to talk to an agent.  I said "agent".

The guy who helped had a voice that could have been used as the recorded voice or on commercials.  It was awesome.  I told him I just got a msg saying I had a cable installation appointment tomorrow that I knew nothing about.  And then he asks, so you have rogers people coming to drill holes in your house and you don't know why?? hehehe he even made a joke!  I was so amused.  He had a good idea of what the problem was right away which was cool.  He checked to see if somebody else had an appointment with my number and they did.  Why somebody says my number is their number confuses me, but at least the mystery is solved.  He explained he couldn't change the number without the other person's permission.  Then, while I was still on the phone, he put a note in the file saying that the number belonged to somebody else.  Now I know it's been taken care of as much as possible.  To end it well, he makes sure that the reason I called had been resolved.  Well done. 

Rogers customer care rocks.