Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Life in Kincardine

Kincardine was super boring at first, but I got used to it. I've been reading, watching tv/movies alot, and doing some studying every day. It's relaxing and productive so I've been content.

Thankfully, I got to see Holly a few times which prevented me from going house crazy. She came over for supper the one night and she brought me a birthday present =) Fun sock from Florence!!! As well as glow in the dark stir sticks and a book from a series I'm already addicted to. Monday night I went to Tiv to hang out with Holly and watch her mom's softball game. I had fun. I found it weird how much they stole bases though. Then last night I went to visit Holly In Wingham. Driving went well. I got comfortable driving again which is nice. Other than missing the turn off on the way there it was pretty much eventless. We played Simpsons Clue, which was funny with two people. We also played a game of life. I enjoyed that too, especially since it was fun to remember what original life is like. I got to see Holly's pictures from her time in Europe. They were sooo amazing. Oh! I also drove to the pizza place! Really not a big deal at all, but since I rarely drive it was still amusing to me. Mmmm the pizza was good and my mom made a cake for me to bring!! It was yummy too. All in all I had a good time. I'm leaving Saturday though, so the next time I'll see Holly will be in Toronto. Can't wait for that. It'll be good.

So today I watched some OC S1. I got to see the thanksgiving episode. Oh how I love the thanksgiving episode. I can't wait to watch the episode where it rains when I buy S2. I'm downloading BB6 since I missed it last night. Oh, I also downloaded GG finale to watch before I watch the premiere in Sept. Ohhh I can't wait for new tv to start!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Quiet Birthday

Friday I got to go to the dentist. I might be getting out my wisdom teeth during reading "week". Nothing is for sure yet, but it sounds like it's a good idea. After that I met up with Holly and Nadia for lunch. Not many things have changed in Kincardine, but they redid one of the restaurants and it's alot better. The food was good, but not what I'd normally want to eat. Anyway, we had alot of fun, and afterwards Holly and I hung out. Too bad there's nothing to do in Kincardine!! Oh well.

My Birthday was Saturday and I just took it easy in Kincardine with my mom. I was woken up by birthday presents. I got this really neat purse, and this flashlight that doesn't need batteries. I got to watch gilmore girls in the morning and my mom made me a bagel and got me some grapes hehe. This may not sound like a big deal because of what I've said about my dad, but my mom doesn't spoil me often. We went out, I bought a hot plate for my place in toronto, and my mom got me this really pretty dragonfly brooch. When we got home we watched a couple episodes of the O.C. My mom made me a really yummy supper. We had barbecued hamburgers, and salads. My mom got ALOT better at using the bbq. She used to mess everything up, but the burgers were amazing. I skipped on dessert, cause we're going to have molton cakes tomorrow night and Holly is coming over. I got the usual phone calls, and some nice c-ards from people =) Not much else happened, although I was amused somebody (i won't name names) forgot my birthday after I reminded them. I was like "Hey Ryan, it's my brithday tomorrow. You better not forget like you forgot Kellie's." the person replied "I won't". Too funny.

My study manual came on Friday. At least now when I get bored I have studying to put off, which is never boring ;)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm Wireless!

My new laptop came today. I was happy to see the "wi fi" light on when it was loading. Very good sign. In fact, it works perfectly, and so far everything else seems great too. Now I just have to return the old one then I can be off to Kincardine. Well, I have a bit of packing to do but that's all.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Smirnoff Twisted

Last night I went to Mitchell with Keizo for his friends Buck and Doe. I got to try Smirnoff Twisted Watermelon and Black Cherry. The Black Cherry was better than the Watermelon, but I still like Mandrin best. I also got a Smirnoff Twisted bottle opener! It rocks. The night was mostly talking to Keizo's Mitchell friends. His one friend who is tall and strong decided it was fun to lift me up and raise me up into the air. It was amusing.

Right now we're making cookies. The first batch is cooked. They look really yummy!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Happy Day!

I had my last final this morning and now I'm sitting around... not doing much really hehe. I got to watch Days, which I haven't seen since my last study day. I went and bought more chocolate. Cadubury Special 43% Dark Chocolate with chopped up almonds. So good. I'm addicted!!

My new laptop was shipped today. Supposed to arrive between the 9 and 11th. I wanted to leave on the 10th... not sure what I'll do now.

I'm getting an ASM Study Manual!!! Work is buying it for me! This rocks. This is the first time I've worked for a company that pays for Study Manuals as a co-op. Makes me happy!

So some things that made this term memorable:
4 seasons of Scrubs
4 ice cream cakes (incl. Happy Wedding Bob and Stu)
many various trips across the street
24 Season 1
Gilmore Girls
The Wrong Guy (shot in BCE Place!)
Limited Edition Angel Puppet
Jays games (and my new love for Orlando Hudson)
mini golf
Simpsons Life
socialising during class (incl. giggling about no neptune and balogne)
passing Exam M
Just spending time with friends
pens and fungi(x2)
exploding taps
learning how to make toast

Some things I'm looking forward to
working at Aon
"wing" night
writing Exam C
watching the O.C. in HDTV (especially seeing Seth in HD!! Although, I haven't asked Chris or Jeff if Matt and I can come watch an epsidose of the O.C. at their place yet hehe *crosses fingers)

In the mean time, I get to spend some time with Keizo, go home home and see my mom and her garden. On Tuesday I get to see Wei and soon i get to see Holly!!