Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back in the Boonies

So far I'm loving being back in Kincardine. It's been so long it's nice to come home. The bus ride was long but not painful. I do hate buses though. Mostly because waiting in line at the bus station sucks. It's sooo loud and the fumes are nasty. You have to move a crap load of times so you don't get run over by buses. Eugh.

Hehe my kitty just came in and meowed at me. I think he wants me to go to bed so he can curl up. Awww I love having a cat around. So cute.

Kincardine now has a Chinatown!!! Okay... There's one store that sells asian stuff that I have to check out. I wonder if there will be asian people in the asian store. Kincardine is sooo white. I'm excited to see what it's like.

Tonight I went to the pipe-band parade with my mom. Now that I can't go to them every Saturday in the summer I don't mind going. They actually amuse me now. This one was definetly interesting! Just as they were starting a storm came in and it just POURED. There was some thunder too. Poor pipers got drenched. My mom and I managed to stay dry though. Before it rained we went and got gelato. Kincardine now has gelato. This also amused me. They don't make it on site like in Toronto though ;)

My mom bought me a coffee maker for my birthday. I can now have Cora's coffee at home!!!!!!

My last day at work was sad. I'm going to miss my first work family. Then I think of all the work I'm leaving behind and I'M SO HAPPY!!!! Sun Life, here I come!!!!