Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not quite, but oh well

So this morning I got up and i discovered my laptop was on it's way to be delivered!! Yay!! Then a couple hours later it says they tried to deliver and nobody was home. ??!!! I had the front door open and I was watching for them. There was no note saying they were here. So I phoned them and went on and on how they couldn't have been here, etc, etc. Finally I got them to try again today. I guess the delivery guy realized a bit later that he went to the wrong street so came not too long after that. Bad news, the wireless card doesn't work!!!!!! Matt was great and talked to the tech help desk for me and he got to look into my laptop (sort of) to look at the wireless card, and in fact it does not work. They are sending a new laptop though and currently I am "wireless" as far as my network cable reaches hehe.

Right now I'm talking to Keizo while he's at the baseball game, I'm watching the game on yahoo sports, and I'm in matts room talking on msn. It's fun! After the game is done it's BB6 time. It's nice to enjoy some tv. I haven't enjoyed tv (that's on tv now, not DVD's hehe) in a while.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Almost here

The purolator site updated and it says my laptop has reached toronto!! So that means I should (hopefully?!) be getting it tomorrow.

Classes are mostly done. There's music class still, but my other classes have finished up the material. I still have to go to class thursday and friday though to hand in assignments. *shakes head* Why the need to make us go to class?? He could have said no class, drop off assignments at my door before this time. What Poopyheads.

Holly's back in Canada!! Yay!!! I get to talk to her tonight, and see her in August sometime!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Widescreen goodness

I was writing about my place for the fall. What I didn't mention was how there isn't alot of desk space. My computer would take up half the space, and if I brought my stereo as well, I'd have no desk space. Sept and Oct will be extremely important for studying. I need to be comfortable studying and I need to study lots, which means I need my space. The desk is perfect for studying, but I need my computer. Solution: I'm buying a laptop! It's the Dell Inspirion 6000. It is fast enough, has enough RAM, space, and all that good stuff. I picked the one I wanted and then I found an online coupon that ended up saving me 200 dollars and it came with a DVD burner which I wasn't planning on bothering with. It's mostly because it now doesn't come with Office Basic. Score. Anyway, I'm really excited and can't wait to get it. I've been trying to constrain myself from saying "I want my laptop" many times a day. Finals are coming up extremely quickly so hopefully work will distract me until it gets here.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lots of good stuff

First, this will be difficult for me to post. I'm using Keizo's computer and his theme is all weird and so currently I'm typing white text on a white background. I may have to edit it .

So, result day was the other week and I passed Exam M with a 9 so I'm very happy. Result day isisn't quite as fun when you're 99% sure you passed, but it's still nice to see my number up there! Soon my name will be up there too.

School has been going surprisingly well. I was having trouble studying for midterms, so I didn't study as much as I thought I would. Gilmore girls distracted me as well as not feeling like studying, but they all turned out well. Either The midterms were just generally easy or or I'm used to studying lots from Exam M so it just doesn't seem like I'm studyuing alot. I'll say it's a cobo,.

I have a place to live!! Yay! It's near Broadview subway station so not too far. It's fully furnished which is very convient. My own bathroom! It has a tv, vcr, desk, bed, microwave, toaster oven, sink, so it's pretty much self contained. I can go upstairs to use the stove if I want, which I might because I don't thinkI can live without LKraft dinner. I think I may buy a hot plate so I can make stir fry or grilled cheese or eggs or something.

My most exciting news is I got my Angel Puppet!!!! I will try to take a couple pictures soon, but I can't use my camera cause I still don't have my usb cord. I think Matt will let me use his =)

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Saturday I was supposed to study for a midterm, but I didn't feel like it so I convinced Keizo we should go mini golfing instead. We went to the mall first, then went to Sports World. I had lots of fun. It was funny, because while we were playing this kid caught up to us and he was playing alone. We ended up letting him play with us. I guess his brother shot his ball into the water and didn't want to go get a new ball so deserted him. He was a pretty good kid. He just had fun, didn't care if he missed or anything. I was impressed. Afterwards we went to Outback and I got a yummy girly drink and steak. Then we went to futureshop and I bought Gilmore girls. I had to get a new copy cause a couple of were badly scratched. It's such a great show. I'm so addicted. It's a different great than Scrubs is though.

Today it decided to pour really hard right when we had to walk to class. Sitting in jeans soaked up to my hips for 3 hours was not fun. But I'm in dry comfy pjays now so I'm happy.