Friday, January 28, 2005

Pleasant surprise

Tonight I finally had to clean my room. When I moved in I just sort of put boxes wherever and unpacked only what I needed. Now that Mike is gone I get his double bed, score, but that means there must be room for such a bed. Vincent is coming tonight so dad has to switch the beds. It didn't take too long since I mostly put boxes in the closet. While I was looking at some old stuff that I left from last term, I opened a few cards to see which were worthy to keep and I found 30 dollars from a birthday card! sweet.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Contact us anytime ie. between 8am-11pm Mon-Fri

I got my new visa and wanted to activate it Sunday but no such luck. I did it today and ordered a text book I need for course M and two of my actsc's next term. So much fun hehe.

My brother is gone and it makes me sad. I got used to having him around. We went out for lunch before he had to leave for the airport. I had this really yummy omlette at Golden Griddle. Asparagus with cheddar cheese. I was impressed. I figured they'd go skimpy on the asparagus but there was lots. And they use Omega 3 eggs which is cool. And no, I didn't taste fish at all.

Yesterday my dad and I made a smoothie with grounded up flax in it. I couldn't taste the flax and it had the good omega 3 and omega 6 fat in it. Nope.. no fish taste there either. I figure I will add it to my yummy yogurt. Yoplait Source rocks. The fat free, no cholesterol, vitamin goodness, no aspertame yogurt. I can't get over how much I care about this kind of stuff now. I remember high school where my rule was Aero once a day!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Crayola Rocks!!

My Crayola rainbow twistables mini crayons came today!!!!!! I am soo excited. They are the coolest things ever.

Exam time, when I'm supposed to be studying for stat 331, I discovered matt had boxes and boxes of Crayola Kraft win every time kraft dinner! I convinced him to let me open them, get the prize code from the inside, then seal them back up. You have to play this bus driving game which was amusing then you win a crayola prize. They had this last year and I got fabric markers, but these are cooler. I should have like 8 other prizes in the mail soon too! Ryan and Matter laughed at me for being so excited but wait until they see the prizes!! hahaha.


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Thursday, January 20, 2005

A bit of Everything

The weekend was lots of fun. Went to Benny's for supper with Keizo when I got into Waterloo. Watched some tv and slept lots. Saturday I watched Quantum Leap while Keizo watched Football then it was Bomber!! Bomber was lots of fun. We celebrated Wilson birthday and I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while which was cool.

On Saturday I got home in time to watch my newly decided favourite NFL team the Colts lose horribly to the Pats. Not such a bad thing, since Keizo is happy and I can cheer for them again.

Tuesday we went to Zelda's for supper. I was happy because they use no trans fat, non hydrogenated oil and have really nice salads. If we go in February we can watch Drag Idol *lol* Too funny.

Pleasant money surprise... I found out yesterday they are reimbursing me for my course 2 fee. They didn't mention they did that during the interview so bonus.

I discovered yummy low fat no trans fat granola bars that i'm in love with. Presidents Choice Rocks. Oh, and Jif has been added to the acceptable spready goodness list of Skippy and Nutella.

The OC was wacked tonight. I'm curious to see what next week will bring. Hopefully it resolves some things.

My dad's DVD burner is so much fun. I want one now =)

My brother leaves Sunday =( People probably think I'm so weird since I kept going on how I wanted him out!! Oh how things change...

I really want to go shopping. I think I need a shopping buddy in toronto. I want to go to the Eaton's center but I don't really want to go alone. I wonder if my girl friend Jeff would be willing to take up the challenge. It's much more difficult than just a girl's night in hehe.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A 9??

Holy Crap! How did I manage to get a 9 on course 2?? And why was I so damn worried I failed? *lol*

This weekend I'm off to Waterloo to see my boy and go drinkin at bomber on Saturday with friends! Can't wait =)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Clementine Art

Today at work, for the first time ever, I peeled a clementine all in one piece! It was a huge accomplishment I must admit. I'm just a beginner, unlike Kellie, but my first time turned out pretty well. Bradley always used to peel me integrals and now i've peeled myself a flower. I decided to decorate it since it was so pretty =)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

First *wing* night

I realized how much I missed Toronto when I was out and about today. It was nice getting out. I love working so close to union, but it means not seeing the city unless I try. Matter took me to Canada Computers so I could get my dad a dvd burner. It was funny because we ran into Chris there! From there we went to the Pickle Barrel and waited for Chris' cousin and Jeff. Wing night was smaller than usual, but hopefully a couple more people can make it next week. It was alot of fun. The food was yummy as usual. Jeff managed to NOT screw up his order for the half yard of beer hehe, so that was fun. I wish I had brought my camera though. I'm not used to having one yet so I didn't think of it.

Work was really cool today. My boss had me tag along to a meeting with her so I got to see more of what goes on with a quote. I really like it here. Reinsurance is awesome.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy Day!

Horray!! I passed course 2! No Corporate Finance 2 for me. I wouldn't have minded taking it, but now I don't have to. Ang is the best and photocopied her course 3 study materials for me so I'm all set to go to study for the next one. She passed too which rocks =) I'm planning on going to Waterloo next weekend to celebrate! I also found out my marks this week, I managed to do well in school last term. My finals were tough and I didn't think I did so well, but I guess everyone thought they were tough. And to make the end of the week perfect I discovered I got paid!! I didn't expect to get paid for another week, so it was a pleasant surprise.

My brother got a great job in Calgary. It's so exciting. I thought I was anxious for him to get out of the apartment, but in fact he's been amusing me. We've been playing Grand Theft Auto. What an amazing game. I love it! I plan on playing Vice City when he leaves.

Work is going great. First day when I first talked to my boss I felt overwhelmed. There was lots to do and it was hard to instantly get back into things. But there were many computer problems, so I wasn't able to work for most of the day. That let me take a breath and I was ready to go when my computer was. I'm already in the groove, the advantage of returning. It was a nice change, seeing people again rather than meeting new ones and not having to learn alot before I can do fun work. The best thing about work still is getting to wear my new boots. I love them. I've realized turning my sock fettish into a shoe fettish is VERY easy! I still love my socks though =)

I don't have much planned for the weekend. I have to get my new pants hemmed, think of a reward my dad wants to buy me. I'm having problems with that one surprisingly. I have two Seasons on DVD I need to watch, so I don't want another one right now. I don't want an mp3 player. I have a digital camera now. This shouldn't be that hard! Hopefully I'll think of something fun soon, or else I'll wait until Angel Season 6 comes out.

New Blog

So I decided it was time for a change. I'd like this to be anonymous, so please don't link this to my name. Thanks =)