Thursday, June 23, 2005

Easiest Cts Ever

I felt pretty discouraged not getting ranked for a job, but the day after Aon Consulting called me up wanting a phone interview. I had it today and they gave me the job so now I have a job! wooo! I'm excited, because I wanted to try pension consulting and now i get to! Back to Toronto I go =)

Monday, June 20, 2005

I guess it could be worst

Bad News: I'm in continuous and still looking for a job. How irritating. Maybe I'll just go back to my old job.

Good News: I ate trans fat free chocolate cake with trans fat free vanilla icing while watching scrubs.

Oh, and i got to hang out with Ang a bunch on Saturday which was fun.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Magic Butter

Last weekend I finally bought my DVD burner!! It's fun. I've missed having one. I also got to play life, and just see keizo =) I had a nice weekened.

I played more life later and we bought ice cream cake!!! Soooo yummy. I know i'll be spending lots of money at dairy queen this summer. It'll be well worth the money with this icky hot weather.

So Keizo has a new hairstyle. It doesn't look at bad as I would have guessed though. It's actually okay =)

Today Matt drove us to the grocery store, thanks matt!! While I was there I found trans fat free popcorn!!! Yay Blue Menu!! You never cease to amaze me. I was sooo excited. I bought butter flavour. Ryan decided to try some too but he got the plain popcorn. We compared the nutrition value and there was absolutely no difference between the butter and plain popcorn. Therefore, it's magic butter! hehe

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Tonight was refreshing. I've had a busy few days with school since I got behind studying for Exam M. I wrote a quiz today and it turned out to be easier than I expected so I was happy. I enjoyed my fresh food for supper, i love having food. I had no food left so I was so glad to go grocery shopping yesterday. Keizo brought up my CDs last night to rip some of them. People keep commenting on how random some of them are. So I played some French Rap for Matt and Ryan tonight. Quite amusing. It's really not very good *lol*

Graphics projects are fun! I'm glad I don't have to write one... but getting to see people's puppets is cool though hehe.

So Exam M is finished which means I can concentrate on school and interviews for a while. I can finally wear my new suit!!! horray!

Holly is the best. She sent me postcards and pasta and a scarf from Italy!! And chocolate from Germany and Switzerland. The chocolat is LONG gone and it was yummy. I plan on making my pasta last longer than the chocolate hehe. Thanks again Holly!!!!!

So the weekend after Exam M i got to see my O-Dog!!! The highlights of the game were O-Dog making a triple, and when they showed his ass on the big screen *lol* I was too shy to yell his name when he was walking by us before the game started in hopes of getting one of those beautiful smiles directed at me. Maybe next time... *wishful thought* hehe

I love Gimore girls. My mother, the Howard Roark of Stars Hollow. Yay for Ayn Rand references!