Friday, January 12, 2007

Music galore

One thing I hate about winter is if I leave work even a tad bit late, it's dark out.  It's so depressing.  The other day I wasn't looking forward to going home cause it was dark.  When I got outside I realized how wrong I was.  The city looks so pretty!  There are even some lights up on some trees still.  I love it! 

The other night on my way home, I faintly heard music.  I had no idea where it was coming from.  As it got louder I only grew more curious.  I discovered the music was coming from the little park I like to cross through on my way home.  I was extremely surprised to discover there was a marching band, battle of the bands!  They had girls spinning flags in the air, and fun marching band music.  Sooo amusing.  They were in town for the football game the following day.  I could even hear them when I opened up my window that next morning. 

On Wednesday I got to see my high school friend play in a concert at the Four Seasons Centre of Performing Arts.  It was sooo amazing.  It was a drumming ensemble that combined traditional Japanese rhythms with Western influences.  I loved it.  The movements were very dramatic and as important as the actual drumming. It was as fun to watch as it was to listen to.

Next week I'm going to the Symphony to hear some Mozart.  I've never been so I'm very excited.

I miss playing music some days.  Like today.