Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Wing Night of 2005!

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Yay! But it means I'm moving on Thursday so I should be packing. To be productive while lazy at the same time, I've put a load of laundry in. That means I can post some pictures from wing night.

We went to Pogue Mahone's for wings so it was an official wing night! Exciting stuff. Their wings were freakishly big like morty's, but apparently not quite as good. Their Irish soda bread was really good. It was a very amusing wing night. So much so, I can't even write about it. Here are some pictures.

Nice pic of Kim, Matt and Matt L.

Cute Pic of Jeff and Simone

Nice one of Chris and I

Jordan eating my leftovers

Haha, this picture of Kim makes me laugh so hard!

Matt and Dave being goofs! Too funny =)

Friday, December 16, 2005


It's official! I've accepted an offer and I'm going to work at Swiss Re!! I'm so happy. I really loved working there on my co-op terms. I just got lucky they had an opening. *happiness*

Now I have to find a place in Toronto. Eep! I'm thinking I might see if I can stay at my dad's for a while to make apartment hunting alot easier, but his place is far and crowded so I'm not sure. I'll bring up the idea and see what he says.

I can't wait to go shopping!!! It's business attire there so I get to dress up. I love it. So much more fun that way. I can't wait to have an amazing, fun, stylish wardrobe. Ohh and the shoes! And one day a prada bag =)

To celebrate accepting an offer I bought Wicked tickets! Well, okay, I bought them a little earlier, but it was to celebrate having a full-time job =) I think they'll be pretty good seats. Row F, seats 17 and 18 (if anybody cares, i do!! hehe)

I haven't posted in sooo long... i've been bad. Done lots of great stuff. Wing nights have been lots of fun. I'm looking forward to them next summer!!

Wow, I didn't even update about my fun visit with Holly! We went on a used bookstore hunt and did some Christmas shopping. We went to Spring Rolls, Pickle Barrel and Allen's! We watched Crash and Coupling. Ohh so great. AND there was Prius at the end of Crash! But now I can't buy one. Too expensive and pointless for Toronto. We had alot of fun. Next time she comes to visit in Toronto I'll have a great stylish apartment which will be even better.

I went to visit Keizo the other weekend. We did some Christmas Shopping and relaxed. It was really nice just being able to spend some time with him. We've both been too busy this term. I'm looking forward to January!

So Wednesday Night I went to a Marlies game with Liz!!! It was great. Great seats, the place is pretty small so anywhere is pretty good. They won 5-0 which was cool! We picked who our favourite players were and stuff. We BOTH forgot cameras though! Bah!

Last night was our Chrismukkah party!! Matt and I went to Chris and Jeff's to watch OC IN HIGH DEF! So awesome. We also watched CSI afterwards which was so cool in HD as well. We had hawaiian pizza. I can't enough of it lately. Also had some drinks, but not too much cause Matt's Christmas Party was the night before which had an open bar... enough said haha. I took pictures of turkey (the bunny) while I was there. He's so cute!

I don't know what I'm forgetting. I really shouldn't go this long without posting. Tonight my dad is picking me up and I'm going to his place for the weekend. My brother is flying in tonight so it'll be great to see him. I've missed the arrogant bugger.