Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Escape

Sunday night, Ryan and I were having another couple games of speed (I won of course!) while Rosencrantz was running around in his ball on the floor. I either put him back in his cage when he stops moving around, or when I'm going to bed. While we were playing, it got quiet, so I thought I should check on him to see if he wants back in. Nope, the little bugger escaped his ball and was running around on the floor!! Thankfully I found him relatively soon after he got out or it would have been alot harder to find him.

Last night Ang and I went to a couple of info sessions. It wasn't to get free stuff. It's not like we already have jobs or anything. First was EY. They had subs and pop. Not bad. I was really upset that I didn't get a pen though. Who doesn't bring enough pens to an info session? So not impressed. I am not applying there anymore. Next we went to the University Club for the Principal Financial info session. You know what's great about the University Club?? Free Alchohol! What I learned at the info session: Iowa only has corn and pigs. I mean doesn't only have. right... Ang won a t-shirt for knowing (remember from the info session last term) that Winnipeg was the closest major Canadian City to Des Moines. They had yummy finger food including fruit, veggies and dip, chicken fingers, other fried goodness. I was very impressed with Angela. When one of the workers was picking up the discarded plates, she convinced him to bring us drinks! She's pro at these things. Overall it seemed like a decent company, and If I could bear working in Iowa, I'd apply there.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Temporary House Pet

Keizo has left for his vacation to the dominican for his friends wedding. I wish I could have gone too. Instead, I get to write 2 midterms on Thursday. Fun. But while Keizo is gone, I get to take care of Rosencrantz! He's such a cute ball of fur.

We've been playing alot of cards lately. Crib, Speed, Crazy Eight Countdown, and a bit of Rummy 500. So far I'm undefeated at Speed. Sooo much pressure to keep winning now, but at least I get to make fun of Ryan. Apparently I make too many "snarky", "smart ass" comments while playing cards. I don't know about other people, but that's how I learned how to play cards.

I've been downloading House this weekend. I discovered I liked it over Christmas break, thanks to my brother. It's on the same time as Scrubs though so I haven't gotten to watch it. Soon, I'll have the first season.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blue cake is yummy!

Monday was a night of vicTORY! Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won a minority government. Horray! I made blue cake to celebrate. Delicious. The night could have only been better if a conservative won in the 416 area. I don't like the idea of moving to such a liberal area. Ah well, at least they'll have one more supporter there.

Last week we went to Bomber. We pre-drank here and I was very amused. There wasn't too many of us, but still lots of fun. Too bad Bomber was cut short by a fire alarm. I've never heard of a fire alarm going off during a bomber night before. How dumb. We were kicked out and off of the patio so we went to keep warm in the Math building. Talked to some random people until we were allowed back in to get our coats. Keizo was a sweetie and went and got the girls coats for us. I wish I could go to Bomber tonight, but I've left my pension assignment too long and it'll probably take me a long time to finish. Reading pension plan texts isn't fun.

On the weekend, Keizo, Matt, Ryan and I played Illuminate. It's one of Rob's card games. He let me borrow it since he doesn't play it anymore because it can get very spiteful. Yes, it can get spiteful, but it's also alot of fun. I want to play more!

I should get back to my pension assignment... but I'd rather watch grey's anatomy. Tough call =)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Football is poo!

This weekend started off well. We went to Fox and Fiddle on Friday night to celebrate Kirsten's birthday. There was a live band at times and they sounded pretty good. I liked that it wasn't too loud so you can still talk. It was fun.

Saturday and Sunday was alot of football. Saturday night Keizo's Tom Brady/Pats lost, then Sunday my beautiful colts lost, and then later i watched my brother's bears lose. *tear* oh who am I kidding? *sobs* So now I have no desire to watch anymore football this season. Maybe I'll still watch the superbowl because I was looking forward to it. Bleah.

Maybe I'm not meant to like sports. I start liking baseball and my O-Dog gets traded. I start liking football, and my colts go 14-2 only to lose in their first playoff game. Hmmm, Tony did win the 2005 nextel cup though. Maybe 2005 was my year for sports and it's time for a break?

Oh, it's official. I got a 9 on Exam C. Fun Stuff.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

4 months to go

I'm settled back into Waterloo now. It's nice to be back. Keizo's working too much right now, but I still get to see him regularly so it's good. Westcourt is fun as usual. The first new show our house is tackling is grey's anatomy. It's great.

Christmas was nice. Got to see some family. My brother was done from calgary for a while. I always enjoy seeing him. He seemed to be amused by the "kill all the lawyers" book I got him. Everyone else was amused too. It still amuses me in fact. I got a pasta maker and recipe book, a panda coin, seasons 2 and 3 of gilmore girls (which i watched during break), new pjays, and Keizo bought me a really pretty tanzenite ring.

School's alright so far. It sounds like my classes will be interesting. I have great profs and friends in all my classes so it'll be a good last term. I'm looking forward to bomber on Wednesday since we didn't get in first bomber night. I enjoyed waiting in the line for a bit, but it got tiresome. Then we watched Office Space which is always funny.

I've officially passed Exam C. I ate sour gummi bears to start my celebration. They were my Exam C study food of choice. Yum. These ones were better because they were fresh. I was used to my old stale ones.

It's nice eating real food again. I lived off chicken fingers and rice for too long last term hehe.