Monday, February 16, 2009

I like brackets today

Valentine's day was great. I generally think Valentine's day is stupid, so very early I made it clear that I didn't want to make a big deal about it but I did want to do something little.

Friday night we went out for dinner for winterlicious, which was a celebration of Friday the 13th, my age nearest birthday, pseudo-quasi valentine's day, and payment from an old bet. Overall a very productive and yummy time.

Saturday I spent the day at work studying (and I peed in each of the 4 stalls in the washroom!! (I never do that. We share the bathroom with the other side of the floor so I just use the two closest to our side because otherwise that's weird. it just is.)) and when I got back we made a simple meal of sesame/breaded baked chicken, snow peas, and rice. For dessert we made apple crisp.

Gifts!! You may remember Jer's obsession with mochas, and lately he's been trying to recreate them at home. He recently adopted a tassimo coffee machine and can now make espressos. But what he was really missing was good chocolate syrup. He was just using Hersey's which I've never enjoyed ever (redudant? yes. but it's just that bad). So I made him chocolate syrup and now his mochas are great and close to being comparable to SPoT's. I also made him a personalized cook book by developing pictures of the food we've cooked together, making recipe cards, and putting it into a little photo album.

Jer bought me apple jelly (which I love but can never find), york peppermint patties (I'm so addicted to these), and quinoa!!! Why am I so excited about quinoa? I've recently decided we need to start cooking with it and it's super healthy and well, that's it. On Sunday we made a quinoa and mixed bean side dish and it was sooo good. Anyway, he also made me a bunch of dinosaur comics about memorable j&j events which is so awesome and they are all hilarious. jen like jer.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A little fun

You know what's fun about penis pasta? (Besides the obvious of course.) Bringing it in to eat at work. The fact that I did this on a Saturday does not take away from the awesome factor. I still felt sneaky and bad-ass for getting away with something I'm sure would be frowned upon.

And there was at least one other person in the office so it could have gone horribly wrong. I can just imagine this older lady getting a wide-eye expression and muttering something like 'oh my' before quickly running away. I guess that would have been better than my old boss, who showed up later in the day, noticing and probably trying to have a conversation about it. That wouldn't have been awkward at all.

But thankfully I managed to warm up my penis pasta and get to my desk unnoticed. I may have giggled a little while I ate my lunch.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Don't Hate on the Chocolate Cake

While Jer and I were still very subtly flirting/getting to know each other, I discovered something about Jer I didn't especially like:

"Your cake sounds delicious, if it's a dense cake with homemade icing, I generally like it. Except for chocolate cake, I rarely if ever like chocolate cake, even the highest quality ones. I like real chocolate, but chocolate flavoured things, like cake, I don't usually like. Here's your challenge: Make a chocolate cake that I love. (P.S. You will fail, so you shouldn't bother trying.)"

Who doesn't like chocolate cake??! I vowed not to waste my chocolate lava cakes on him, but of course that didn't last.

Shortly after we started dating I convinced him chocolate cake with chocolate warm delicious goo with ice cream just might actually be really good. And in the end, Jer agreed: "The warm cake encasing the delightful, moist, melty inside, combining with the ice cream to form an amazingly delicious mess was, well, amazing."

But it wasn't until recently that I decided this case to be officially closed.

The other weekend I decided I felt like baking. I scrolled through my starred recipes in my google reader and came across a cute and delicious looking loaf pan chocolate layer cake. Even Jer was a bit excited about it. After he tasted the batter he was even more excited. I picked up some vanilla frozen yogurt and after dinner we had a piece. It was yummy but we took way too much and just felt sick afterwards. There was so much cake left so I decided we'd cut it in half and freeze it all for later.

Last weekend I wanted cake so we took out half to defrost. It was still cold when we wanted to eat it so I figured might as well try the microwave. And oh wow. The cake got all warm and soft and the icing was a bit melty. With the frozen yogurt it was delicious. We had more the next night too.

But it wasn't until a few days later that I knew he'd never claim not to like chocolate cake again. He asked me with hopeful eyes if we could take out the rest of the chocolate cake from the freezer.

Transformation complete.