Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peeing in fear

At work, I'm in the washroom, peeing, and then I realize I don't completely remember the walk to the washroom.  I zone out or go on desk-to-toilet autopilot or something.  And then my mind panics slightly. 

I am in the women's washroom... right??! 
No no, I am... I didn't see any urinals. 
And there's the napkin/tampon disposal. 
I'm where I should be. 
Continue peeing.

It's sad how often this happens.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Caution Contents Hot

This morning on my way to work to study for the morning, I dropped in to Spot to grab a coffee.  I get to my empty, completely gloriously quiet office, with only sporadic lights on (since I don't know how to turn on the lights on the weekend) and settle in.  I look down at my coffee cap as I remove it to add x spoonfuls of sugar from my sugar stash, and see "Patented".  I thought, "I was there when it all started, when the lid said Patent Pending!". I am happy to see this wonderful traveler plus cap (which has a switch to close the drinking hole whenever you please, if you're not fortunate enough to have had one before) did in fact get their patent.
On another note, Cora's on a Sunday before 8 o'clock... not so busy.  No line up and I could see many empty tables as I walked by.  Spot wasn't busy either for that matter.  In fact, the girl working there looked slightly surprised to see a customer.  I guess most sane people were still sleeping or being lazy. 
But my studying is going well, so I will end on that note to read more about ALM.