Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Here's a better picture of my new purse. I think it's sooo cute. I'll update soon about my first week at work, but now it's time to do a bit of studying!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Back in the T dot

I moved into my Toronto Apartment today. My dad drove me here and we unloaded some groceries and my bags and we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. It was a really nice day out so it was nice going for a little walk. I like the neighbourhood. The street I'm on is quiet, there are kids around, restaurants, some fast food, little stores, it's really nice. It should be good. Here's a few pictures of the place.

Here's my bed and tv and dvds.

This is my wardrobe with my beautiful new boots and fun purse.

My little private bathroom!

Here's the kitchenette so I never have to venture upstairs.

And last but not least, my cozy study area .

Long Weekend

Saturday morning my dad came to Waterloo and we moved my stuff to Toronto, then we headed to dad's. On the way, we stopped in Pickering. We like Pickering, it's home! I wanted to go to my favourite shoe store in the mall, Bata. So we went and what??!! Bata was gone! nooo! It was a sad day. We went to Suzy and my dad bought me a suit and a sweater. They are great. Then we had a "lunch". I had orange julius and dad had DQ hehe. Then we went home and my dad make steak and corn and asapargus. Sooo yummy. We watched Mean girls and played lots of games. It was fun. Sunday we went to the Oshawa centre and I found a pair of brown boots to go with my new suits. They are sooooo nice. I love them! They are really comfortable and look great with my suits. We also played some crib, and had yummy pasta and then watched Monster in Law later that night. It was a funny movie. I had fun with my dad. I was sad to leave.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

We like Butterfield

Tuesday night Keizo and I went to the jays game with his friend Will. It was fun. They played well which is always a bonus. Butterfield tossed Keizo a ball!! And he gave it to me, so now I have a ball too =) It was off of Corey Koskie's bat. Keizo bought a Gabe Gross bat on the way out. He also burned this punk kid which was funny.

Work starts so soon!! I'm getting pretty nervous. At least I know what to do first day though. Oh, and I finally got my offer letter, although just in pdf form. I was getting a little worried since she kept saying i'd get it in a couple days and I never got it. I doubted there was anything to worry about though. Why else would they buy me a study manual if they weren't going to hire me? hehe. I discovered I got a raise for passing M which is fun. Studying for C has been going alright so far. I'd rather be watching The O.C. though. I bought Season 2 and have watched the first 2 discs but that's it.

Not much else is up. Been going for lunch with Keizo at the plaza. Went to morty's and McGinnis. Soooo much eating out!! But this weekend I have my dad to make me food =) Yay! I like my dad's cooking.