Friday, February 25, 2005

Exciting Times

First i just have to say the O.C. was AMAZING last night. I love the O.C.!!!!!

Now... the exciting times. New Sandra movie in may! Horray!! It's called Crash. You can see a trailer there. If you watch it, you'll see it looks good, and it's not just a Sandra fan saying it looks good. Also, while I was there I checked out the Hitchhiker's trailer. It looks amazing! I can't wait.

Oh! I discovered the title of the new Miss Congeniality movie. It's called Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. *lol*

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Gorgeous Cars

Valentine's was really nice this year. Keizo and I went downtown on Saturday. Did some shopping and went to Pickle Barrel for supper. I was impressed, Keizo found a very thoughtful gift. An Ayna doll with a bunny suit! I've realized Ayna was one of my favourite characters so it's a really cool gift. Holly and I have been looking at other buffy/angel stuff and I've found a couple other things I might like too! Keizo also bought me love actually, which I think i'll watch this weekend and a chocolate flower. He found me really cute panda chocolates the following weekend! My favourite one says "Free Bear Hugs" hehe.

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This weekend I went to Waterloo for Rob's birthday. It was fun. We went to Ennios for supper and then lots of people were over to celebrate. I left a bit earlier today to get back home because I wanted to watch the Nascar race. It was exciting. I enjoyed it, and my team did very well this week! I'm 2nd in the pool which is surprising but cool. My team name is Gorgeous Cars, and i love all my guys and cars. They rock. I'm amused because Ryan signed up a team! His team did pretty well =)

Thursday, February 10, 2005


I was pretty annoyed on the train this morning. I was studying, had my stuff spread out, things were great. This guy, aka jerk, comes on and makes me move my stuff to sit down when not only are there available seats in the little area i was in, there was one across from me. Jerk. I'm obviously working, is it really necessary to make me move when his jerkiness can plop himself in another seat?? The nerve.


I feel much better now =)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mardi Gras

Yesterday for Pancake Tuesday we went to Golden Griddle as our *wing* night. I had chocolate chip pancakes. So yummy. I love breakfast foods. I wanted cereal for supper tonight, but my dad felt like Licks so I got a nature burger.

I've become somewhat of a bitch on the go train now. On the way to work the train isn't too busy because I take an early enough train, so there are enough seats for everyone plus a few extras. I take up 2 seats now so I can work on course M questions on the train. It is so much easier being able to place my calculator, eraser and highlighter beside me, rather than everything on my lap somehow. If somebody needs a spot I would move though.

Today I got free bread!!!! Happy times. I think the girl handing out the mini baguettes was amused by me, because I was so excited about the free bread. My train got cancelled and had to take the next train which was 15 minutes later but didn't care cause I had bread!

Monday, February 07, 2005

There are some things I just don't need to hear about

This weekend was a blast. I went to Waterloo to see Keizo and go to bomber with everyone. I hadn't seen Keizo since before he left on his vacation so I was so happy to be down. Keizo impressed me. He bought me the cutest tank top that says Cancun on it. I tried taking a picture but my batteries ran out. I had backups but they were also dead. So not cool. He also got me these pretty purple earnings. He did so well =) On the weekend we did some shopping, relaxed and went for supper with my mom and George. My mom bought me the most comfortable, softed pjays ever. I love them.

Bomber was lots of fun. Kirsten was down this weekend and I gave her a belated birthday present. I burnt her Smallville Season 3 and found her some fun socks. I also bought myself a couple pairs of socks as well. Who can resist? =) I found a pair with pink flamingos on them! I still want a coloured flamingo from the Bay that I saw in Toronto in the summer. They rocked. Anyway, Keizo is alchohol free this month, so I was the drunk one at the end of the night which was entertaining. I think he was amused with me.

One really good thing came out of this weekend. I like pizza again!! More specifically, I like pepperoni and cheese pizza again. Haven't made it back to liking pizza with lots of toppings yet. Keizo's roomate, Scott, bought a 5 dollar medium pizza from little ceaser and I had a piece. It started there. The pepperoni on little ceaser's pizza is sooo good. Then i had a couple pieces of ang's dipping pizza from pizza hut. That was super good too. When Keizo and I got home from the bar I was craving pizza so we went and got the 5 dollar medium pizza from little ceasers for lunch on sunday hehe. At least now nobody can think I'm weird for not liking pizza anymore.

I just finished watching The First Daughter. It was such a great movie. I loved it. I want to watch it again! And not just because the hot RA's major was Actuarial Science. It did amuse me greatly though. I had to rewind to watch that part again. Too funny.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What colour are cows? Purple!

Holly sent me a package from Germany and I got it today!! It was filled with yummy Milka chocolate. I've tasted them. Sooo good. Thanks again Holly!! It was such a great surprise! I also got a couple postcards which were really cool. One of this adorable panda and one of her school. She also got me a keychain and I died laughing. Well, maybe not died, but there were tears!! Holly told me there was a poll in Germany asking kids what colour cows were, and the majority said purple. Hehehe. I like when chocolate rules all.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm Smiling

Awww, Liz sent me the sweetest e-card today. It totally made my day. Liz is awesome. I hope I get to be in one of the same classes as her next term. I'd be so sad otherwise.

Supper was fun tonight. We went to an actual wing place, which meant very little choice for me. I got a chicken ceasar wrap, but who thought putting bbq sauce on the chicken was a good idea? It was quit odd. It didn't taste bad , but there wasn't enough lettuce. At the end it was just a bunch of chicken which was gross.

On the train ride home I ran into Daryl!! It was quite a shock. I had no idea he lived in Pickering. Sounds like we even take the same train in the morning sometimes.

On the weekend I finally got to see Harry Potter 3. I enjoyed it. I didn't like it as much as the first 2 though. We also rented the First Daughter but I haven't watched it yet. I'm going to save that one for later.