Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ack! I'm becoming a *real* person!

Goodbye freedom... hello working world!

I started working yesterday. Pretty sweet day. Got to catch up with some people I knew from working as a co-op, met some new people, did some reading and paperwork, went for lunch with my boss, then left early to watch the Italy semi-final match! The game was great, but did they have to scare me so much??? I really did not want the game to go to Shoot outs. Nice goal at the end though! Viva Italia!! After the game I went to Rancho Relaxo for first *wing* night in months!! Yayaya! Great times. Afterwards, Chris and Will came back to see my new tv and hung out for a bit. Speaking of which, the tv is awesome! I love it. So pretty. HD rules!!

Today was just as great. Did some more reading, there was a fire drill and afterwards we got free ice cream!!! I got a cookie dough ben and jerry's ice cream bar. Soooooo yummy. That turned out to be my lunch. Oops! haha. I had a nutritious supper to make up for it though. Best part of the day (and this is even better than the ice cream!!), was discovering an old co-op friend at SR is back working full-time!!! I had heard she went to a pension firm so it was a huge shock!!! Yay!! I have an actsc friend at work that's cool, and is at the same level as me. YES! Life is good =)

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Last of my Vacation

After convocation, I went to my grandma's with my dad for a visit. We played golf every day, watched the italy game, went tv shopping, had lots of yummy food and saw some family. We had a great time. I only wish the visit could have been longer. Now that I'm back in Toronto I'll get to see my dad more often which will be nice. The golfing was lots of fun. We played a 9 hole golf course with all par 3's. I had one par each day, and near the end I was getting alot more consistent with alot less re-do's. I want to get a couple golf clubs so I can practice in the golf simulator in the superclub.

Keizo and I went to Detroit for the Astros' series. Comerica Park was awesome. I loved the real field and the open area. They had alot of fun baseball displays, a carousal with tigers, cup holders for every seat, and daiquiris. It was great. Too bad the astros got swept, but we made it on tv!! Keizo almost caught a foul ball that came straight at us. Unfortunately he was scoring the game so he didn't have his glove on, so the ball bounced off his hand. Ouch.

Now I'm settling into my apartment, waiting for my dad to bring my 32'' lcd flat panel tv. No apartment is complete without a tv. So far I'm loving the new place. I love looking out at the water and all the boats. I can see and hear the fireworks from Ontario Place which is really fun. Not only do I have a kitchen facet that actually works, it's a really nice facet. It becomes a hose and sprays. There's also a dishsoap dispenser to hide the bottle. I love the granite countertops. Very easy to clean. The appliances are great. I love that you can tell the fan to go on for so many minutes. The gas stove still scares me a little but I'll get used to it. My walk in closet is a beautiful thing, and having my own washroom rocks. The toilet paper holder is ingenious. The one end is open so you can just slide it off, but has a little edge so it doesn't fall off. I'll post pictures once the living room is finished.

Pictures of Convocation and Detroit