Friday, July 18, 2008

This & That

Fried double-baked French toast. It may sound good, or at least
intriguing, but believe me when I say: not very good.

I think I can finally rest my fear of walking in to the men's washroom
without realizing it. Martha walked in by accident the other day and
immediately saw something wrong and was confused. This makes me
believe if I make it to the peeing stage I'm 99% confident I'm in the
right bathroom.

Speaking of bathrooms, we have a brand new Dyson Vac in there! It's
awesome. Some people have seen it in public places before, but so far
nobody else has the pleasure of using it on a daily basis. Believe me
when I say my life is better because of this development.

Banana update: there have been less black bananas at work lately. I
think it's because Martha realized bananas taste so much better when
they're still yellow. How did she not realize this before? She was
just used to the taste of rotting fruit.