Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last Wing Night of 2005!

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Yay! But it means I'm moving on Thursday so I should be packing. To be productive while lazy at the same time, I've put a load of laundry in. That means I can post some pictures from wing night.

We went to Pogue Mahone's for wings so it was an official wing night! Exciting stuff. Their wings were freakishly big like morty's, but apparently not quite as good. Their Irish soda bread was really good. It was a very amusing wing night. So much so, I can't even write about it. Here are some pictures.

Nice pic of Kim, Matt and Matt L.

Cute Pic of Jeff and Simone

Nice one of Chris and I

Jordan eating my leftovers

Haha, this picture of Kim makes me laugh so hard!

Matt and Dave being goofs! Too funny =)


  1. Wow! ... Chris looks sooo high.

    What was in the food!

  2. haha, he thinks the flash on my camera is too bright.