Monday, August 15, 2005

Quiet Birthday

Friday I got to go to the dentist. I might be getting out my wisdom teeth during reading "week". Nothing is for sure yet, but it sounds like it's a good idea. After that I met up with Holly and Nadia for lunch. Not many things have changed in Kincardine, but they redid one of the restaurants and it's alot better. The food was good, but not what I'd normally want to eat. Anyway, we had alot of fun, and afterwards Holly and I hung out. Too bad there's nothing to do in Kincardine!! Oh well.

My Birthday was Saturday and I just took it easy in Kincardine with my mom. I was woken up by birthday presents. I got this really neat purse, and this flashlight that doesn't need batteries. I got to watch gilmore girls in the morning and my mom made me a bagel and got me some grapes hehe. This may not sound like a big deal because of what I've said about my dad, but my mom doesn't spoil me often. We went out, I bought a hot plate for my place in toronto, and my mom got me this really pretty dragonfly brooch. When we got home we watched a couple episodes of the O.C. My mom made me a really yummy supper. We had barbecued hamburgers, and salads. My mom got ALOT better at using the bbq. She used to mess everything up, but the burgers were amazing. I skipped on dessert, cause we're going to have molton cakes tomorrow night and Holly is coming over. I got the usual phone calls, and some nice c-ards from people =) Not much else happened, although I was amused somebody (i won't name names) forgot my birthday after I reminded them. I was like "Hey Ryan, it's my brithday tomorrow. You better not forget like you forgot Kellie's." the person replied "I won't". Too funny.

My study manual came on Friday. At least now when I get bored I have studying to put off, which is never boring ;)

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  1. :S Sorry! But really it should be expected. If you guys haven't realized how completely self involved I am by now, then I can't really help you out there. But happy belated!!! Oh, and not mentioning names are we?!