Sunday, January 08, 2006

4 months to go

I'm settled back into Waterloo now. It's nice to be back. Keizo's working too much right now, but I still get to see him regularly so it's good. Westcourt is fun as usual. The first new show our house is tackling is grey's anatomy. It's great.

Christmas was nice. Got to see some family. My brother was done from calgary for a while. I always enjoy seeing him. He seemed to be amused by the "kill all the lawyers" book I got him. Everyone else was amused too. It still amuses me in fact. I got a pasta maker and recipe book, a panda coin, seasons 2 and 3 of gilmore girls (which i watched during break), new pjays, and Keizo bought me a really pretty tanzenite ring.

School's alright so far. It sounds like my classes will be interesting. I have great profs and friends in all my classes so it'll be a good last term. I'm looking forward to bomber on Wednesday since we didn't get in first bomber night. I enjoyed waiting in the line for a bit, but it got tiresome. Then we watched Office Space which is always funny.

I've officially passed Exam C. I ate sour gummi bears to start my celebration. They were my Exam C study food of choice. Yum. These ones were better because they were fresh. I was used to my old stale ones.

It's nice eating real food again. I lived off chicken fingers and rice for too long last term hehe.

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