Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tea in Toronto

This weekend my mom came to visit me!!!  It was a very big deal for her to venture to the scary city that is Toronto.  The last time my mom was in Toronto was about 7 years ago and it was for less than a day.   They found my place no problem.  Well, they got a little confused when they got to HVE, but I went down and helped them out.  Now that they've realized it's not so hard to get here, they should be able to come more often! yay!
My mom came with boxes full of crap from the garage that she no longer wants to store but I may want to keep.  *sigh*.  Ah well, it can stay in my storage locker I guess.  Some of the stuff she brought was cool.  Like my grade 10 class blues tape!  My painting of Notre Dame.  There was also a picture of me holding a cute kitten but I look huge!!  Why she thought I'd want that picture is beyond me! 

She also came bearing gifts!!!  Yay birthday presents!  She bought me canisters that now hold tea, sugar, flour, and unknown (maybe cocoa powder?), fun napkins, tea lights, kitchen towels, and this fun metal basket organizer thingy.  I can't decide where I want to put it yet.  She also brought a yummy chocolate truffle cake.  My mom rocks.

It was alot of fun showing my mom and George around Toronto.  You can't experience Toronto without going to one of the summer festivals so we went to the buskerfest.  There were lots of little shops set up which my mom and George loved.  We listened to a really cool band from Australia.  The one guy had an electric didgeridoo!  So fun.  We also heard this guy playing the drums which sounded really good.  Then we saw he was playing with buckets!  It was unbelievable. 

Afterwards, we wandered around downtown a bit.  I showed them some of the path and took them to see where I work.  Then we went to the Fat Belgium for dinner.  It's so yummy there!  They really enjoyed it.  They can't get food like that back in the boonies.

When we got home, George helped me fix Rob's vacuum.  While I was cleaning in preparation of my mom coming, I discovered it was MAJORLY plugged, and rob and I couldn't get all the crap out of the tube.  Ewwww it was so gross.  But anyway, with George's help we solved the problem!  I was all excited to vacuum to see how well it works, but I got lazy.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.  Later we watched The Longest Yard which they both really liked.  We paused near the end to watch the fireworks at the ex.  Gotta love the view.

Sunday morning we went to Cora's for breakfast and it was amazing as usual.  I can't see myself ever getting sick of that restaurant.  Then it was time for them to head off.  The good news is they can't wait to come back!  I have a list of things to do in future visits.

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  1. Yay, that's awesome that they had a great time!! And mmm truffle cake, your mom rocks.