Monday, March 12, 2007

Life needs TV

Tomorrow my weekly 8 o'clock meeting gets pushed to 9 since Zurich hasn't changed their clocks yet. So far this is the only reason I'm happy about the new daylight savings timeframe. Too bad I only get two 9 o'clock meetings out of it.

On a sad note, today I discovered girl guide cookies still have trans. I had to walk away from the open box at work that was just begging me to help eat. *sigh*

I've started watching Veronica Mars. I read an article about how more people watch GG but Veronica Mars has been a better show compared to the past couple seasons of GG and I felt left out. So far i've watched the first 6 episodes and I'm enjoying it. Is it better than GG? No. Is it better than GG Season 7? Yes. Too bad it's on the same time as House. Oh well, I have lots to catch up on still =)

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