Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I know my pens. It happens when you have somewhat of a stationary fetish. I'm getting people addicted to my favourite pen. I helped a girl at work find it in the Basics catalogue cause it rocks so much. More and more will realize the greatness of the fine blue Zebra Jimnie Stick Pen. Beware, the medium sucks!!!!

Early morning meetings suck for obvious reasons. But they also suck since nobody is around to email me to keep me amused when I'm waiting/hoping for the caffeine to kick in. Maybe I should find new friends that start work earlier in the mornings. Too bad Holly can't access email at work. I'd get angry at her employer but I think bad things would happen if the word got out. Hahahaha. Ohh that amuses me way too much. Silly mornings.

This weekend I went to see Holly for a girls weekend. There was lots of chocolate, but also yummy food Holly made. Like guacamole with baked tostitos! Mmmm. I bought avocados yesterday so I can make some soon. Baked chips suck, but baked tostitos are yummy. I was surprised and impressed. I forgot to check the difference in nutrition value when I was buying some yesterday. Oh well. I got Holly addicted to Entourage. Since not only am i a pen pusher, i'm a tv pusher too. Holly showed me the sights of Hamilton, and since Denningers was one of them, I was hooked. I'd go back to Hamilton to go there. So much fun food.

Sunday I got home in time to watch the last 7 laps of the Nascar race, to see 2 of my drivers finish 1 & 2!! Happy day.

I forget what else I've been up to. I got to see my brother which was cool. I went up to the skypod at the CN tower. That was fun. I should get my dad to send me pics from that soon. I've realized I have something to look forward to each day this week. Tonight is *wing* night at this amazing sounding italian place. I can't wait for gnocchi!! Tomorrow is Daffodil day, Thursday is bonus day, and Friday is Friday. Hopefully that helps move my week along.

The coffee still hasn't helped my sleepiness but I do have to pee. That's something I guess? I've also realized I said "suck[s]" a lot in this post. Wait, only 4 times. That's not all that much. Hopefully my morning rambling amuses somebody other than me.


  1. I'm amused! And yes morning meetings do suck. I want to try these pens now. My pen at work is almost dead and I'll need a new one soon.

  2. I wish I had e-mail at work! They're going crazy with internet site blockage now - you can't even access sites with links to e-mail sites. Crazy.

    I completely forgot about daffodil day! I will have to go on the hunt for them tomorrow. Enjoy your bonus! I expect to see shoe pics soon, hehe.

  3. I bought daffodils in London yesterday! I gave them to my friend as a thank you for letting me crash on her couch while I looked at sublets this weekend. I'm glad that I found some, I didn't see anyone selling them in Hamilton.

  4. Did you find a place in London then??! Was it the smaller place with a/c?