Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fight People, not Poverty

... or was it the other way around? I can't remember.

I arrived at work today at 1, after a successful half study day, to be greeted by a protest outside my building. It was a peaceful protest to stop the war, but there was still a high level of security in place. There was only one door open and security people were checking passes and lots of extra police inside to make sure us office workers were kept safe. I have no idea why they choose my building but there have been other times when we were warned of possible protests so maybe it's just a fun spot.

In other news, what not to wear would shoot me right now if they saw my boots. They are so worn now that the little rubber end on my stiletto fell off, so I have a screw sticking out of the end. Yet I'm still wearing them. It's probably slightly unsafe to walk on them since the screw as a heel is a bit small and slippery but until I find new boots I don't care and I'll commit my fashion crime until somebody throws them away. Don't get any ideas.

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