Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blueberry Pancakes

Yesterday Jer and I went to Kensington market to buy some meat and fresh produce, including blueberries. I had no immediate plans for the blueberries, but I remembered the beautiful pictures from Smitten Kitchen and knew for breakfast today I needed blueberry pancakes.

We made half a batch and put a small amount of batter on the pan because the first pancake doesn't work as well and I didn't want to waste too much batter. We watch it cook. Umm it looks weird. Okay okay, first pancake, whatever, throw it out and try again. The pan might not have been quite ready anyway.

Second pancake looked pretty much the same. Why isn't it rising? Pancakes are supposed to be fluffy and thick. This was flat and had a weird texture.

Well, the batter was a little runny, maybe if I add more flour that'll help. Nope, not so much.

What if I add more baking powder? Argh, it's a bit better but they're still not pancakes and taste bland and bleah.

Jer goes back to the computer and checks the recipe again. Oops, forgot sugar. That's not too bad, but I add some anyway. The recipe calls for baking powder and baking soda. Jer doesn't have baking soda so I just used a bunch of baking powder because baking powder is essentially just baking soda and cornstarch anyway. Oh crap. Realization hits.

See, one of the problems with splitting your time between two places is that rather than having two of everything, it means bringing things back and forth between apartments. For example, sherry for stir fry. Or what I like to do, is put some ingredient in a little baggy and just keep it at Jer's place. This is what I did for baking powder. And cornstarch.

Rather than adding baking powder, I had been adding cornstarch. That explains the flat pancakes and weird texture.

I dump some baking powder in and success!! Happy blueberry pancakes. So delicious.

Maybe it's time to buy some baking powder and cornstarch for Jer's place. Or you know, label the baggies perhaps.


  1. hahahahahaha, oh dear. i thought i was the only one that would do that..

    do you make your pancakes with water or milk?

  2. buttermilk! Well, fake buttermilk. Partly because I don't feel like buying buttermilk, but mostly so I can use lactose-free milk for Jer.