Friday, March 27, 2009

A little bit of random

You know what bugs me about Roll up the Rim to win? How wasteful it is. Even if you bring a reusable mug/thermos, they still give you a paper cup for your chance to win. So in addition to another paper cup getting thrown away, it's not even being used first.

I've discovered I much prefer a cheapo haircut than an expensive one at a salon. At the salon I tend to have to fight the haircut to make it look good, but with the cheap haircut, it's just simple layers that is easy to style. I'm so glad my roommate recommended Top Cuts. I'll take a predictable 20 dollar haircut over unknown cut and price any day!!

Tonight Jer and I are going to the second city show about the economy. Should be funny. Saturday I will be finishing up my easy studying. Where easy means making my own notes of almost 450 pages of condensed study notes. Then Sunday I'm taking a break from studying so I can let my brain relax before going into memorization mode.

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  1. it's only a waste when you don't win. which i rarely do. pooey.