Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun food

Lately food has been extremely boring. My elimination diet cuts out so many foods I feel like I'm eating the same stuff over and over, none of which is all that good. The only stuff I'm not sick of is my morning fruit smoothie.

This weekend, I took a break from the monotony and had some really great food.

I took a walk to the Healthy Butcher to get some lamb. It's September, which means the lamb born in spring are ready to be my dinner. Baaaaa. I went with some leg meat, stuffed it with garlic and mint, and roasted it in the oven. Soo freaking good.

Tonight, it was fish. And I don't really like fish. I can enjoy it deep fried in batter with a lot of tartar sauce, but that's it really. We've had tilapia a couple of times and the one time it was okay, the other time bleah. But I'm trying to eat more fish, so it was time to try the Black Cod I picked up at the Healthy Butcher the other week. We just fried it in olive oil and topped it with some garlic. I had some cabbage sauteed in some olive oil and spices in case I needed to eat the fish with something to mask the taste, but I was very surprised. This fish was amazing. It was rich and not fishy at all. Want. More!

Maybe one day I'll get to a real post, but until then, yay food!

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