Wednesday, May 04, 2005

School once again

School's started back up and is boring review like usual. I'm not sure why I bother going. I guess I'm afraid i'll miss something useful, or miss the first class that isn't review. I don't know. It's nice to be back in the routine of school though. I've missed my actsc friends, even though I won't really be seeing them much until after the exams are done.

One week in july is hilarious though. All I have is 2 midterms and a night class. No other classes. Actsc profs are gone on some conference.

It's great having everyone moved back in to the townhouse. I've missed living with such great friends.

My mom came to visit me on Saturday. I've missed her. We had a great visit. Then later that night Keizo and I went and saw Fever Pitch. I really liked it, i thought it was cute. Keizo was angry at "inaccuracies" hehe.

Not much else is new... Been studying. 2 weeks to go and then it's the long wait until july.


  1. Sometimes when I'm bored, I just start google-ing people names I once knew. I knew you already had a blog at Waterloo, but it seems you had fell off the face of the earth long ago in regards to that. But alas, I found you again, but not by simply google-ing either. I Actually forget the last ten minutes and how I arrived here. But still, it's been almost a month since your last post.
    Well, keep on trucking. Maybe one day I'll see you again.

    Cheryl's friend, Shawn.

  2. Shawn!!!!!

    It's nice to hear from you, even if it's a comment on my blog hehe.

    This also reminds me i haven't talked to Cheryl in forever.