Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lots of good stuff

First, this will be difficult for me to post. I'm using Keizo's computer and his theme is all weird and so currently I'm typing white text on a white background. I may have to edit it .

So, result day was the other week and I passed Exam M with a 9 so I'm very happy. Result day isisn't quite as fun when you're 99% sure you passed, but it's still nice to see my number up there! Soon my name will be up there too.

School has been going surprisingly well. I was having trouble studying for midterms, so I didn't study as much as I thought I would. Gilmore girls distracted me as well as not feeling like studying, but they all turned out well. Either The midterms were just generally easy or or I'm used to studying lots from Exam M so it just doesn't seem like I'm studyuing alot. I'll say it's a cobo,.

I have a place to live!! Yay! It's near Broadview subway station so not too far. It's fully furnished which is very convient. My own bathroom! It has a tv, vcr, desk, bed, microwave, toaster oven, sink, so it's pretty much self contained. I can go upstairs to use the stove if I want, which I might because I don't thinkI can live without LKraft dinner. I think I may buy a hot plate so I can make stir fry or grilled cheese or eggs or something.

My most exciting news is I got my Angel Puppet!!!! I will try to take a couple pictures soon, but I can't use my camera cause I still don't have my usb cord. I think Matt will let me use his =)

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