Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Baby Toronto

I went to Calgary on June 6th to visit my brother for a week. The plane ride was so fun. I haven't been on a plane for about 8 years so I didn't remember it well. It was a mostly clear day so I was able to see land for most of the trip. I loved being so high. I want to fly more now. The plane ride home wasn't as exciting. Mostly cloudly but it was fun seeing different kinds of clouds.

Mike met me at his apartment when I got in. His place amused me. I figured because he has a well paying job, buys expensive shirts and suits, that he'd have this stylish little apartment downtown Calgary. Well, it's definetly downtown... He uses his dishwasher as a drying rack and leaves it open and pulled out, he has empty boxes scattered all over his apartment, his liquor bottles are on the end table in the living room, and has alot of magazine and telephone books all under his coffee table. Other than that though it's a nice little place. The elevators were so slow though!! My only complaint =)

The first thing I really noticed once I got to Calgary was that they have their traffic lights horizontal. I've never seen that before. I'm told they do that in Quebec too. I find it funny. Their transit system is fun too. Their subway system couldn't be underground because of the river that runs through town I believe, so they have street cars. Instead of street cars in Toronto where it loads like a bus, it loads like a subway. It's also the honour system like the GO which I find so crazy! Calagary's so cute though cause the suburbs are actually in Calgary. That's why I think of it as Baby Toronto =)

Mike showed me around a bit and he took me up to see his office which was hilarious. Piles of papers everywhere! All over his desk and floor. I can understand the need for lots of piles but I try to keep it more controlled than that hehe. His office was nice and big and the view was gorgeous. A very fun building.

So the day I arrive it's sunny and beautiful out. Then it gets cold and cloudy and it rained at times. When does the sun come out? The morning I leave!!! The weather wasn't nice to me, but it was still great. I wandered around while Mike was at work and we'd hang out when he got home. He made supper a few times and we went out a couple times as well.

I went to visit (Mom's boyfriend) George's daughter Bonnie and her family the one day. They're a great bunch. Bonnie and Dean are very nice and the kids are lots of fun. Mike played soccer with Spencer for a while which was funny and I drew with Spencer and Sydney for a bit. I also got to meet the neighbourhood cat Buddy. He wanders around visiting people when they are outside. It's awesome! The fun of a cat without the hassle of cat hair and littre box.

Some of the things I saw in Calgary were City Hall, Calgary Tower, Stephen's avenue, Chinatown, Eau Claire, Saddledome, a couple of malls. Speaking of which, I have to talk about the malls!!!!! I *heart* shopping. The first one I went to was Shinock. I'd compare it to Yorkdale but ALOT closer! It was sooo beautiful. Lots of great stores, newly renovated, it was great. The food court was unbelievable. It had a carasoul and had lots of big windows. The Mall downtown is above ground and has lots of levels. It even has a big garden by the food court. It was cool.

One last thing I loved about Calgary: the police officers wore cowboy hats!! Yeee-haw!


  1. ooh, did you get any pics of the police officers?

  2. No =( Being by myself made me feel too stupid to ask if I could take a pic. I found a cute one too!! darn.