Sunday, June 25, 2006


Last Friday was Convocation so I am now done with U of Waterloo!! It was a grogeous day out which just makes everything so much nicer. My dad bought me white and purple roses while we were waiting until I had to go line up. So pretty. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered I was lined up with 2 other white people! It made the wait until we could go into the gym go by quickly since we chatted. The gym was ugly with the bleachers and their "gold" curtains, but it didn't matter. I got my robe and degree which is all that counts. It kinda sucked that it was split by Math and CS because afterwards I couldn't get pictures with all my Math friends. I did get pics with my actsc friends and my fav prof in her bright pink robe which rocked. Afterwards my mom, George, Keizo and I went for lunch at Ennios. My mom made a cake which was so yummy. She even gave a piece to the waitress! I was amused, hehe. For graduation mom bought me canadian diamond earrings. They're gorgeous! That night it was off to Aga's to celebrate! Good times.

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