Friday, December 08, 2006

Fresh laundry equivalent at work

Brrrrr i'm cold.  It's been cold at the office lately.  Are they trying to save money by lack of heat?  I guess it's okay if you're wearing a suit with a sweater underneath, but since we've moved to "smart business casual" there's no need for lots of layers anymore.
Today I discovered the 'laundry out of the dryer' equivalent at work: paper right out of the printer!  Soooo warm.  It warmed up my arms today for a bit.  It's not quite the same though.  No fresh smell and not as cozy.  It still amused me.  I feel like printing more, but instead I'll go home.  Yay weekend!


  1. Our office is FREEZING. Warm printer paper is pretty handy, particularly because I don't have any sweaters that are ok dresswise for work.

  2. My computers keep me warm at work. It would be cold otherwise.