Friday, October 17, 2008

Quiet in the daytime, too loud at night

Last night as I was just falling asleep I heard my phone buzz across the room. Argghh. Stupid phone. Probably just facebook with a missed text notification. *grumble* Too tired to get up to turn off the buzzzzzzzzz (ie, i was sleeping before I really finished this thought).

I wake up early in the morning and can't get back to sleep. Buzz. NOoo Nooo I want to sleep. Alarm not off. GO away. Grrr stupid phone grumble pout grumble.

Eventually get out of bed, go pee, go on internets. Buzz. Buzz. Why won't it go away? It's literally in reaching territory in my purse but so much effort. It's too early.

*sigh* fine. The phone wins. I grab my phone to see no text msg. Oh. Hmm private call. Who could that be? Probably somebody stupid; I hate the phone, especially voice mail. Cue voice:

"Hi Jennifer, this is Di from So you think you can dance Canada calling to confirm your tickets for the show on Monday October 27."

OMG OMG!!!!! The phone is the greatest invention ever! (Okay not really, but jen happy!!!!) Girls night at the taping of So you think you can dance Canada!!!!

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