Monday, October 20, 2008

Nuit Blanche

A few weeks ago was Nuit Blanche. Jer and I went out for a few hours to check some things out. Here are the highlights, good and bad.

- A 'waterfall' at OPG (woooo!). It was a big sheet of intertwined plastic with a light shining on it. It was a little underwhelming.
- Cardboard houses with a tv in the window playing random people talking. Ummm, what?
- Cars with a light in the car. Ahhh, most of the cars were essentially empty. A couple had things in them. The only one that amused me was the one with a row of shoes. Whee shoes.
- People singing in Queen's park.
- Writing on a postcard to be randomly delivered to somebody at Nuit Blanche. This one was fun. See below for what I wrote on my postcard.
- Crazy guy in stilts, really tall and serious looking, walking right up and around us. So creepy!! I was hiding behind Jer. But so fun too. A couple guys playing the sax were following him around. I
loved it.
- Zombies.
- Lots of rubber duckies in this cool really blue foggy looking pond by Ryerson.
- An overhead ceiling installed in an alley by Massey Hall to look like an office. The alley was filled with lots of random garbage: christmas decorations, chinese new year decorations, hospital iv cords, file folders, and lots of other random things. I really liked it.
- A weird blue blob in the Eaton Centre. I got the underwhelmed feeling here again.
- City hall with lights in all the windows making shapes and designs. I saw a person running around at one point. Very cool.

After all that walking we were pretty tired. We took the path halfway home since it was a bit cold out and being melodramatic walking up the stairs at metro hall I flopped down and lay up/across the stairs. Jer joined me and we made tired noises which amused me. It gave me energy to make it home so I could rest in a chair and drink gingerale before curling up and sleeping.

And here's my postcard:

I have 5 minutes left to live, and I am using these last moments to write you this: hi.

Live life as if every moment is your last. I know I sure have!


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