Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brunch? Dessert? no no, Supper.

There are days when I get home from work and just can't decide what I feel like eating. I think about the options but none of them are appealing. I mostly just stand there, staring at my food, hoping the decision just magically happens.

I complain to my roomy that I can't decide and she asks what my options are. Well, I could make chocolate chip pancakes. She nods. Or then I was thinking of making pancakes and putting them in a stack with nutella in between. More agreement and eyes light up. My last option was making fried rice. She quickly discards that option and convinces me to try the layered nutella pancake.

I decide to go all out and make chocolate chip pancakes and smother nutella all over them.

Um, let me just say: omg soooo good. Next time I think I'll add a scoop of vanilla ice cream/frozen yogurt. It's sensible really. Gotta get a 3rd food group in there.


  1. Holy crap that's amazing.

  2. If I didn't have these horrible cavities I would be all over that like white on rice