Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas Phase 1

Christmas was quite busy this year so I've broke it down into 4 parts.

The couple months before Christmas were crazy busy at work, and I was just itching for my almost two weeks off with Jer. Our Christmas was divided into 4 phases, all of which involved Barenaked Ladies Christmas music.

First up was good ole Kincardine. I warned Jer it was going to be pretty low key, but we were looking forward to a relaxing time. The only thing Jer was worried about was the fact the highways close frequently and the threat of being stuck in Kincardine was a real possibility. We managed to get there fine, with surprisingly good driving conditions. We drove down on a calm day between two big storms.

Jer got the proper Kincardine experience. Our first night we went to the Eerie Bell, one of the town's long-standing restaurants, one I remember very well as a little kid. We got fish and chips and ceaser salad and it was yummy. Next we went to the 24h Sobey's to grab a few things, and because you can't go anywhere without running into somebody you know, we ran into our work friend's parents. He also got a glimpse of the typical winter weather. Every time we'd go out somewhere it would look fine out, then it would start snowing and turn gray, and very gloom and doom looking. One of those snowy days the highways were even closed. Thankfully not the day we were leaving though. We drove around a bit but it's so dreary looking, no hint of how nice it looks in the summer. Oh well.

Some other Christmas/Kincardine things Jer got to experience:
  • Skipbo - the card game me and my mom always play (he even managed to win the championship game which I'm still pouting about)
  • My favourite dessert ever which I make my mom make on any special occasion - strawberry trifle
  • Decorating gingerbread cookies - wheee
  • Went to Chinatown!! ie. the one asian store in Kincardine that appeared a few years ago.
We also made dinner for my mom and George the one night, watched Love actually, and spent the rest of our time there mostly reading, and playing with the kitty. And of course the whole exchanging presents thing.

Christmas Eve we pack up, have breakfast at Jean's with my mom and George, then we follow them along highway 9, since they are off to Peterborough to visit my grandma, until they turn off to go to an LCBO.

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