Friday, January 21, 2005

Crayola Rocks!!

My Crayola rainbow twistables mini crayons came today!!!!!! I am soo excited. They are the coolest things ever.

Exam time, when I'm supposed to be studying for stat 331, I discovered matt had boxes and boxes of Crayola Kraft win every time kraft dinner! I convinced him to let me open them, get the prize code from the inside, then seal them back up. You have to play this bus driving game which was amusing then you win a crayola prize. They had this last year and I got fabric markers, but these are cooler. I should have like 8 other prizes in the mail soon too! Ryan and Matter laughed at me for being so excited but wait until they see the prizes!! hahaha.


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  1. awesome!! i got the crappy picture thing a few times (you know, the lowest of low prizes that was worth a penny..) i bought two packs of those twistables crayons, SO MUCH FUN!! did you get any window writers?

  2. You're right, ripping open 9 boxes of Kraft Dinner for some crayons isn't sad :P.

  3. I got that lame online picture thing twice only thankfully. I got the boring crayons twice as well. Better than the picture thing though. I'm worried because I thought the mini twistables were the last thing I won. Hopefully my other prizes get here soon!

    You enjoyed playing the bus game! hehe. And I know you're just dieing to see the crayons in summer!

  4. Since it was my Kraft Dinner I think I deserve a cut of the winnings...maybe 15%?

  5. You can have the boring crayons if you want ;)