Monday, January 24, 2005

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I got my new visa and wanted to activate it Sunday but no such luck. I did it today and ordered a text book I need for course M and two of my actsc's next term. So much fun hehe.

My brother is gone and it makes me sad. I got used to having him around. We went out for lunch before he had to leave for the airport. I had this really yummy omlette at Golden Griddle. Asparagus with cheddar cheese. I was impressed. I figured they'd go skimpy on the asparagus but there was lots. And they use Omega 3 eggs which is cool. And no, I didn't taste fish at all.

Yesterday my dad and I made a smoothie with grounded up flax in it. I couldn't taste the flax and it had the good omega 3 and omega 6 fat in it. Nope.. no fish taste there either. I figure I will add it to my yummy yogurt. Yoplait Source rocks. The fat free, no cholesterol, vitamin goodness, no aspertame yogurt. I can't get over how much I care about this kind of stuff now. I remember high school where my rule was Aero once a day!

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  1. "may contain traces of peanuts" <-- protein!

    want to play connect 4.. through your blog? :)