Thursday, January 20, 2005

A bit of Everything

The weekend was lots of fun. Went to Benny's for supper with Keizo when I got into Waterloo. Watched some tv and slept lots. Saturday I watched Quantum Leap while Keizo watched Football then it was Bomber!! Bomber was lots of fun. We celebrated Wilson birthday and I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while which was cool.

On Saturday I got home in time to watch my newly decided favourite NFL team the Colts lose horribly to the Pats. Not such a bad thing, since Keizo is happy and I can cheer for them again.

Tuesday we went to Zelda's for supper. I was happy because they use no trans fat, non hydrogenated oil and have really nice salads. If we go in February we can watch Drag Idol *lol* Too funny.

Pleasant money surprise... I found out yesterday they are reimbursing me for my course 2 fee. They didn't mention they did that during the interview so bonus.

I discovered yummy low fat no trans fat granola bars that i'm in love with. Presidents Choice Rocks. Oh, and Jif has been added to the acceptable spready goodness list of Skippy and Nutella.

The OC was wacked tonight. I'm curious to see what next week will bring. Hopefully it resolves some things.

My dad's DVD burner is so much fun. I want one now =)

My brother leaves Sunday =( People probably think I'm so weird since I kept going on how I wanted him out!! Oh how things change...

I really want to go shopping. I think I need a shopping buddy in toronto. I want to go to the Eaton's center but I don't really want to go alone. I wonder if my girl friend Jeff would be willing to take up the challenge. It's much more difficult than just a girl's night in hehe.


  1. Definately find someone to go shopping with in Eatons center, then you're good in case something happens. Especially if you go into Old Navy. Stupid clothing racks!

    (this is from the idiot who ended up on crutches for 11 weeks after her last shopping trip there...)
    PS That's awesome about your course 2 fee! Yay!

  2. That's a good point!! If I'm going to need help walking to the go, it would be nice to have a friend there hehe.

  3. I like the Eaton's centre! I'd go with you at least once.


  4. Awesome!!!!!! That rocks =)

  5. Sure, I'd go shopping with you! So now you have your pick of two people. Who will it be?

  6. BOTH!! I love shoppoing =)