Tuesday, January 11, 2005

First *wing* night

I realized how much I missed Toronto when I was out and about today. It was nice getting out. I love working so close to union, but it means not seeing the city unless I try. Matter took me to Canada Computers so I could get my dad a dvd burner. It was funny because we ran into Chris there! From there we went to the Pickle Barrel and waited for Chris' cousin and Jeff. Wing night was smaller than usual, but hopefully a couple more people can make it next week. It was alot of fun. The food was yummy as usual. Jeff managed to NOT screw up his order for the half yard of beer hehe, so that was fun. I wish I had brought my camera though. I'm not used to having one yet so I didn't think of it.

Work was really cool today. My boss had me tag along to a meeting with her so I got to see more of what goes on with a quote. I really like it here. Reinsurance is awesome.


  1. "Reinsurance is awesome."

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA........oh I'm dying.


    P.S. Do I have to have an account to not post anonymously?

  2. Wow, I actually remembered my loggin info for blogger!

    I used to forget that I had an iPod for a long time until I got used to it. Now I bring it almost everywhere.