Monday, February 07, 2005

There are some things I just don't need to hear about

This weekend was a blast. I went to Waterloo to see Keizo and go to bomber with everyone. I hadn't seen Keizo since before he left on his vacation so I was so happy to be down. Keizo impressed me. He bought me the cutest tank top that says Cancun on it. I tried taking a picture but my batteries ran out. I had backups but they were also dead. So not cool. He also got me these pretty purple earnings. He did so well =) On the weekend we did some shopping, relaxed and went for supper with my mom and George. My mom bought me the most comfortable, softed pjays ever. I love them.

Bomber was lots of fun. Kirsten was down this weekend and I gave her a belated birthday present. I burnt her Smallville Season 3 and found her some fun socks. I also bought myself a couple pairs of socks as well. Who can resist? =) I found a pair with pink flamingos on them! I still want a coloured flamingo from the Bay that I saw in Toronto in the summer. They rocked. Anyway, Keizo is alchohol free this month, so I was the drunk one at the end of the night which was entertaining. I think he was amused with me.

One really good thing came out of this weekend. I like pizza again!! More specifically, I like pepperoni and cheese pizza again. Haven't made it back to liking pizza with lots of toppings yet. Keizo's roomate, Scott, bought a 5 dollar medium pizza from little ceaser and I had a piece. It started there. The pepperoni on little ceaser's pizza is sooo good. Then i had a couple pieces of ang's dipping pizza from pizza hut. That was super good too. When Keizo and I got home from the bar I was craving pizza so we went and got the 5 dollar medium pizza from little ceasers for lunch on sunday hehe. At least now nobody can think I'm weird for not liking pizza anymore.

I just finished watching The First Daughter. It was such a great movie. I loved it. I want to watch it again! And not just because the hot RA's major was Actuarial Science. It did amuse me greatly though. I had to rewind to watch that part again. Too funny.


  1. Yay pizza! You're not crazy anymore!

    Why did you stop liking pizza? Was there a traumatic incident?

  2. No, nothing exciting like a traumatic experience. Just got sick of it.