Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm Smiling

Awww, Liz sent me the sweetest e-card today. It totally made my day. Liz is awesome. I hope I get to be in one of the same classes as her next term. I'd be so sad otherwise.

Supper was fun tonight. We went to an actual wing place, which meant very little choice for me. I got a chicken ceasar wrap, but who thought putting bbq sauce on the chicken was a good idea? It was quit odd. It didn't taste bad , but there wasn't enough lettuce. At the end it was just a bunch of chicken which was gross.

On the train ride home I ran into Daryl!! It was quite a shock. I had no idea he lived in Pickering. Sounds like we even take the same train in the morning sometimes.

On the weekend I finally got to see Harry Potter 3. I enjoyed it. I didn't like it as much as the first 2 though. We also rented the First Daughter but I haven't watched it yet. I'm going to save that one for later.

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