Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mardi Gras

Yesterday for Pancake Tuesday we went to Golden Griddle as our *wing* night. I had chocolate chip pancakes. So yummy. I love breakfast foods. I wanted cereal for supper tonight, but my dad felt like Licks so I got a nature burger.

I've become somewhat of a bitch on the go train now. On the way to work the train isn't too busy because I take an early enough train, so there are enough seats for everyone plus a few extras. I take up 2 seats now so I can work on course M questions on the train. It is so much easier being able to place my calculator, eraser and highlighter beside me, rather than everything on my lap somehow. If somebody needs a spot I would move though.

Today I got free bread!!!! Happy times. I think the girl handing out the mini baguettes was amused by me, because I was so excited about the free bread. My train got cancelled and had to take the next train which was 15 minutes later but didn't care cause I had bread!


  1. mmm.. nature burger..

    taking two seats when the train's not full is not bitch-like.


  2. the burger was good, but they didn't put lettuce on it, which my dad said he asked for. But wait... we had lettuce in the fridge. i'm an idiot =)

    Yay! I'm glad it's not too bitchy!