Monday, January 16, 2006

Football is poo!

This weekend started off well. We went to Fox and Fiddle on Friday night to celebrate Kirsten's birthday. There was a live band at times and they sounded pretty good. I liked that it wasn't too loud so you can still talk. It was fun.

Saturday and Sunday was alot of football. Saturday night Keizo's Tom Brady/Pats lost, then Sunday my beautiful colts lost, and then later i watched my brother's bears lose. *tear* oh who am I kidding? *sobs* So now I have no desire to watch anymore football this season. Maybe I'll still watch the superbowl because I was looking forward to it. Bleah.

Maybe I'm not meant to like sports. I start liking baseball and my O-Dog gets traded. I start liking football, and my colts go 14-2 only to lose in their first playoff game. Hmmm, Tony did win the 2005 nextel cup though. Maybe 2005 was my year for sports and it's time for a break?

Oh, it's official. I got a 9 on Exam C. Fun Stuff.


  1. Yay for the 9!!

    Where'd O-dog get traded to?

  2. He's gone to Arizona, which means he'll rarely be on tv =(