Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Wing night was really good tonight. We went to this pizza place in Matters building and I was very surprised. It was really good. Normally I buy the thick crust lots of bread pizza cause I love my bread, but this was thin crust stuff. It was well done, crispy, dark, great. I thought it was very tastey.

I brought everyone cake for dessert tonight. Thought I'd make it a tradition. I would have done it next week but the yummy dessert place is in BCE Place and Adrienne came to wing night, so it seems right to make it tonight since she was the reason I brought in cake last time =)

Matty brought the Razr to wing night so we could all see. It was the ugliest phone. Reena, why do you want your dad to buy it? It's UGLY. Nobody liked it. You're insane.

Tomorrow I'm in charge of the pricing department. I have 3 meetings with very important clients and get to make lots of major decisions. Either that or everyone else is at a conference so I get to be teased about being in charge hehe.


  1. i like how thin it is - it looked good in the commercial :S i haven't had a chance to pop into a rogers store to see it though. my brother went and said the keys are really big. didn't say much else. does matt have a picture of it?

  2. from what i've seen (pictures on motorola's site), the razr is one sexy piece of ass. it almost makes me not want a blackberry...almost.

  3. I (and the other 5 people at wing night this week) agree with Jen, it is pretty ugly in real life.

  4. But really who wants a BlackBerry?

    It doesn't have a camera, or an mp3 player, or whatever else that people supposedly want.

    I'm going to stick to my sucky ass Treo650 or Treo600. Just kidding, I don't have one of those crappy pieces of shit.